Sports Premium Funding and PE and sports provision 2015/2016


The governor responsible for sport is Jo White

 The PE Coordinator is Miss E Derbyshire


The Sports Premium Funding is awarded to all schools in order to fund improvements to the provision and lasting impact of PE and sport. This is to encourage pupils to develop healthy lifestyles and to raise the profile, quality and quantity of sport provision in school. The government provides additional funding to improve the provision of Physical Education (PE) and Sport in Primary Schools. More details can be found on the government website.


The funding for Milford Primary School for 2015/16 is £8200. We have agreed that the money should be used to: develop a PE curriculum that meets National Curriculum requirements and is broad and balanced; ensure staff have access to training opportunities and continued professional development; increase the number of children participating in sport within our school and that all children benefit regardless of their sporting ability; and replace any worn out sports equipment.


Our Priorities this year: 

  1. To increase the levels of participation in sporting activities by the provision of after-school clubs, lunch time clubs and intra and inter sports competitions.

  2. To provide for the more able and those that find sport difficult with targeted intervention.

  3. To continue to develop staff confidence and expertise in teaching PE.


Allocated Budget £8200

Area of Spend

Amount Spent





SSP Affiliation/Tournaments



CPD (Training)






Last year, 2014/2015 some of the Sports Premium money was used to buy a range of resources to enrich our children’s lessons in sport. Our main purchase was a climbing frame which makes our gymnastic lessons much more interesting and challenging!


We were also able to book high-level coaches to come and teach the children for different areas of sport during curriculum time, as well as lunch time and after school clubs. All the children in school had access to good quality after school and lunch time sports clubs resulting in a noticeable increase in attendance. The Sports Premium money was also used to fund extra-curricular activities and alternative sports. All of KS2 had 8 weeks instruction in martial arts securing their first belt and resulted in some of our children joining the Martial Arts Club after school. Also KS1 and KS2 had Scooter Smart training and Y3/4 Bikeabilty. These all received fantastic feedback from children, parents and staff.


The impact of the coaching being delivered in our school is that teachers are now more confident in teaching the different strands of each sport area; the assessment shows that we are seeing positive results in the children’s performance and all of our children receive good quality teaching.


This year we intend to build on last years’ success and specialised coaching for multi-skills, football, rugby, tennis, gymnastics and dance is already booked. We also want to develop our provision for the more able children with the introduction of mini-leader training and ensuring they have access to outside clubs. We want all of our children to foster a lifelong love of PE and sport so some of the funding will be used to fund Physical Literacy for those that find coordination and balance more challenging. We want to enhance the enjoyment of sport for all our pupils so a focus for us this year is to enter more intra and inter sport competitions. The funding will be used to support us to do this. Finally we have earmarked a small part of the budget to buy some new PE mats which will complete our provision of good quality equipment for the children during gymnastics.






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