23rd June

Year 5 & 6 went on a trip to Rolls Royce for an introduction to engineering.


21st JUNE

Year 5&6 Had a wonderful opportunity to play with the Halle Orchestra




 4th May

Some of our Y2 pupils took part in a Science workshop with other school at the

University of Derby.



We also entered a football tournament for KS1 held at Belper School

2nd - 5th May

All children have contributed to making the school Well Dressing this week.


Year 5 have just completed their Level 3 Bikeability - Riding on the Road.

Year 5 children had their weaving depicting night and day displayed in Belper Parks as part

of the Art and craft festival Trail. 


On Tuesday 4th April 2017 Reception children had a Victorian Seaside story workshop

and Year 1 & 2 had The Pied Piper Story workshop



W/C 20.3.17 Pupils have been learning the art of Fencing over the last few weeks.



and the Children in Kinder Class have made some lovely Elmers  after reading the book.


During an assembly in the last week of term the Our school achieved the Silver award in

the Amber Valley School Games Mark Award for commitment to sports and competitions.





8th - 10th February 2017

Year 5 and 6 Residential Visit to Kingswood. They all had a really great time enjoying these

various activities.



 We celebrated the Chinese New year in our multicultrial week last week with the children

participating in many different activities including making a Chinese dragon.


 The children enjoyed the Christmas Panto Jack and The Beans stalk and also managed to

raise £200.78 at a cake sale for Syrian Children.



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EYFS Gardening

The children enjoyed getting outside again after the stormy weather.


11th November 2016 - Rememberance Day

School Council laid a wreath at the war memorial next to school after an assembly held

in school. 

3rd November Bushcraft

Year 5 and 6 had a really interesting time learning about Bushcraft and had a go

at making their own constructions in the playground.

School Council

On Tuesday 1st November the children elected their new school council to represent the school.


Halloween Disco

The children had a really good time at our Halloween Disco and we raised over £200.

 Harvest Festival 2016

Thanks you to all the parents that attended the assembly and who donated food for the

Food Bank. The response was fantastic and we appologise to any parents who could not

see very well at the assembly we were not expecting so many people! The food was 

gratefully received by Hope for Belper.

Two super performances this week and thanks to everyone watching we have raised a

fantastic £290.56 for the NSPCC. Well done and thank you.


Well Done to the Yellow House who were the 2016 Sports Day winners!

Year 5 & 6 have been creating landscapes and how they have changed during the Mesozoic

Era including Triassic and Jurassic periods.


With help from Mrs Kerry we are doing a whole school art installation by weaving a picture

of Milford into the fence on the playground. We began yesterday by looking at different types

of weaving and knotting fabrics ready to tie dye. We have taken our inspiration from a picture

drawn by Jesamine Machin in Year 4.


Multicultural Week 6 -10 June 2016

This week was a great success. The children learnt dance, looked at Indian Costumes,

drew Mendi patterns on the playground and much more!

EYFS Having fun - 20th May


Saturday 7th May - May Fair

The Community Well dressing and procession had a good day ending with the

May Fair held at School. The sun came out and a fun day was had by all.


27th April - Nemo the snake came to visit year 5 & 6 today


22nd March 2016 Easter Performance

After an amazing performance at St Peter's Church in Belper, with other schools in the

area last week, Year 5 and 6 went to Milford House care home today to perform the

'Easter Child' to the residents. The elderly folk loved seeing the children and listening

to their songs. Some even joined in!


9th March KS1 School Trip

KS1 went to the National Forest as part of their science topics. They took part in a mini beast

hunt and Teddy Bear bushcraft where they bult shelters.


3rd March world Book Day

The children dressed up as their favourite book character and enjoyed sharing books together.


1st March Open Afternoon

Many parents were able to come to our open afternoon and enjoy time working with their

children. The theme of the afternoon was keeping healthy. Some of the activities included

fruit tasting. Making fruit smoothies designing a healthy meal and lots more. 



During Last term the part of the homework for years 5 and 6 was based on the Narnia Topic

Here are some of the Ice palaces the children made. The palaces were judge and the winner

was Alexander Dees.


10th - 12th February 2016 - Kingswood Residential

 Kingswood 2016 - Wye class arrived in good time and after

 a safety talk enjoyed their first activity - crate stacking. 

  11th February After a busy afternoon they were asleep by 10pm. This morning they had a full english breakfast with cereal and toast. They all got excited that there was water melon and enjoyed

making themselves cups or tea and coffee!


12th February - After having a fun packed day yesterday and a good nights sleep! - here they are again with a good healthy breakfast. followed by Archery.


9th February 2016 - Nurse visit

Year 1 & 2 have been learning about Florence Nightingale in history. Today they had a visit from a nurse where they made comparisons with nursing today and in the past! They had great fun listening to each other's heart beat with the Stethoscope.

 1st February 2016  - Drum Assembly

Former pupil, Dan Williams, came in to demonstrate the drums. Our children enjoyed clapping along and some even got to have a go. Drum lessons are held in school on Thursdays. please call the office an application form if your child is interested in having lessons.

 Dan prepared the children and staff for the volume of the drums, through a range of noisy, rhythmic activities. He then gave an exciting performance himself. Following that, two of the children and a member of staff were given hands on experience, with enthusiatic clapping from the rest of the school. It was an Assembly to remember.

Jeni Mobbs, Governor for Music.


25 January Viking day for Derwent class

The children had a fantasitc day looking at armour, weapons and artefacts and learning all about the clothes and food they ate and what it was like to live in Viking times.

18th December Christmas Assembly

At our Christmas Assembly EYFS performed the Nativity for us all.


10th December Brass Bank Assembly

On Thursday our year 5 and 6 pupils gave a little concert to show how good they are at playing their brass instruments. Well done.

8th December - Singing Carols at Milford House

Year 5 and 6 children went across to Milford House and sang beautifully for the residents of Milford House. Afterwards the children hadHaribos and a drink and were invited back to sing again.


19th November Peacebuilder  Workshops


During Anti-Bullying week the wholel school took part in a Peacebuilders Workshop at the Baptist Chapel explained through the life of Jesus.



27th November - Christmas lights switch on

We had a lovely evening at Milford Primary School with carols sung by the children and a visit from Santa and the Mayor of Belper


18th November trip to Houses of Parliament.

Year 5 and 6 went on a very exciting trip to London to have a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament and a little walk through London. The children were very impressed with London and the posh car.


Friday 13th November 2015

The children all came to school in fancy dress and raised a fantastic £160.80 for Children in Need.


9th November 2015

ELECTIONS - Today Milford School went to the poles to elect our new School Council representatives.

23rd October 2015


We would like to thank you all for your great contributions for the Harvest Festival Assembly held on 23 October. As you can see from the photo we collected  a magnificent amount of goodies which we donated to the Hope charity.


Thursday 22nd October 2015

During e-safety week the children have been learning about how to keep themselves safe on line.The local  Police Team held a workshop in school for parents to help them understand some of the issues.




During October we participated in a couple for Athletic events and the children had a lot of fun and performedvery well particularly the girls who came first and second in their relay races.  Well done!



 Friday 2nd October 2105

Today all of our year 5 and year 6 children did a First Aid Awareness Course. They had a great time as well as learning valuable life-saving skills. They are now trained to do CPR, put casualties into the recovery position and stem bleeding. Although I think they enjoyed bandaging each other up the most!


Thursday 24th September 2015

As part of their Robin Hood topic year 3 and 4 visited Sherwood Forest today. They looked at different trees in the forest and became 'outlaws' for the afternoon. The hi-light of the trip was visiting the Major Oak! A lovely day was had by all - even the sun shone!



Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Some of our year 3 and 4 children went to the Belper School Rugby Festival at the Rugby club in Belper. Well done to all of those that took part -they had a great time learning new skills and playing against other schools.



23rd July 2015

We said goodbye today to our year 6s and Mrs Johnson, who is retiring after 25 years. With staff and parent contributions to the collection we were able to buy her a Virgin Experience Day voucher, so she will have something to do in her retirement!



The Year 6s enjoying a celebration lunch.

22nd July 2015

Today our new starters in September came for lunch. The chocolate brownies were a huge hit!


20th July 2015 

 Our Mini-Olympics 2015 was opened today by a special guest, Rammie! He then stayed for our first competition - The Penalty Shootout!


 It's been a busy term. The whole school has taken part in Scooter Smart training and now know how to stop safely and be aware of pedestrians.Even parents had a go on the adult scooters in the assembly at the end of the day! 


 Year 5/6 showed off their musical skills at the Brass Concert . What a talented bunch of children!


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