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Safeguarding Support amd Advice



If you have concerns about a child or you see something report it to school or Call Derbyshire (open Monday – Friday from 8am-8pm and Saturday 9.30am-4pm) 01629 533190. Alternatively  go onto for more advice.

The government has launched a new online safety tool for schools to give parents advice and tips on preparing their children for adult life.  Click link:     Parent Info


Google have launched a new search engine designed for children! will give children access to all the usual google searches but will filter inappropriate material.

You Tube for kids is a great site for children to watch their 'lego' videos and listen to music without having to worry about inappropriate content found on the main You Tube site.


 Alert about Pokemon Go  Parent information


K9 Web protection - A Free download enabling parents to restrict access to Internet sites. Click here to go to the site.

 Net Nanny - Considered to be one of the best pieces of filtering software




Helpful website links to prevent and respond to cyberbullying

 Click School strategies for preventing and tackling bullying -

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Helpful website link to A parents guide to dealing with Sexting

click  A parents guide to dealing with Sexting

 Extremism and Radicalisation

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